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Qualitycontrol with the pH*K21

The NWK quality measurement device for determining the quality measures the exact pH value of the meat which is recorded and analysed shortly after and about 24 hours after slaughtering. Bild von pH-K21
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Here the user penetrates the meat with the measuring tip of the electrode. An objective assessment of the meat quality is allowed via the values measured. According to the results it is also possible to determine for which kind of production the meat should be applied. Further fields of application are controls in the refrigeration room and during processing, for example, for checking the maturity of ham or salami. Companies operating in all continents use the equipment developed by NWK, among others in Argentina, USA, Korea and New Zealand. The pH-meter pH*K21 is used in 38 countrys. It features functional, multi-purpose options with many advantages in handling and allows a multitude of applications which are unique in this combination. The user controls all functions via three buttons, for measuring itself only one button is required. The equipment is calibrated with the calibration solutions provided. A calibration is only necessary once per day. As the pH-value depends on the temperature of the meat, this is compensated by the temperature compensation feature which is set manually. Thanks to the powerful battery pack, it is possible to operate the device for a period of up to 10 hours without connection to the power supply.
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