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trade category e

stands for optimum meat quality. If it were possible to classify meat oneself, the NWK offer for classification would definitely be awarded the much desired "e". No wonder, as the company founders are experts with regard to meat issues.

slaughtering line

From A to Z in meat issues via one program, the PK21-Software. PK 21 takes over all data from the measuring equipment and weighing machine, controls production, calculates and analyses.


and assignment of the animal data to consecutive slaughtering numbers:
Weighing of living animal
Ear mark registration
Weighing of hide
Veterinary data
Stomach measurement (pigs)
Data supplementation
Interfaces to SPC systems for classification equipment (at sample PH-Meter, Choirometer Hennessy HGP4 or FOM, weighingdevices)

print output on printers during the slaughtering process:

test protocols
weighing slip (in the case of Top of Page)
online measurement protocol
classification device
labelling (barcode labels)


for organisation and management according to freely adjustable selection criteria e.g. single evaluations, group evaluations, notifications to the national authority, transfers, as well as freely definable formats.

target track controlling

Based on the data determined in classification and on the criteria given by slaughter house operation, the slaughtered carcasses are directed to the tracks determined by the data.

customer data management

Extensive master data management for suppliers, price charts, forwarding agents, LKV addresses and many more.

further functions

Parallel programming and transfer of the slaughtering data via a computer system interface to an additional system. Transfer of selected slaughtering data via remote data transmission, serial interface or network Interfaces to SPS-Systemen. Subsequent processing of the slaughtering data for correction of errors, with automatic designation to exclude manipulation.
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