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By pH value measurements.
PSE - pale, soft and exudative or
DFD - dark, firm and dry? The pH*K21 allows values to be measured with an exactness of up to 2 positions after the comma 45 minutes after slaughtering.


The pH-value of the living muscle is about 7.0. After slaughtering, changes take place lowering the value to between 6.5 and 5.3. The carbohydrate glycogen is decisively responsible for the formation of lactic acid in the muscle. This process comes to a standstill about 24 hours after slaughtering. The speed at which the pH-value drops up to the extent of the end pH-value (pH24-value) differs among the various slaughtered animals and influences to a decisive extent the quality of the meat.A differentiation is made among others between PSE meat (pale, soft and exudative), the pH-value of which lies below 5.8 45 minutes after the slaughtering process and DFD (dark, firm and dry) which reflects a pH value of over 6.3 45 minutes after slaughtering.


The high-performance electrode is the feature which enables the high measuring speed of 600 measurements per hour and the exactness of the pH*K21. It has a high life of about 30,000 - 80,000 measurements and can be easily replaced by the user.


Up to two test values are registered with an exactness of 1/100 per consecutive number (e.g. immediately and 24 hours after slaughtering). This can be programmed analog to the consecutive number used in the slaughtering line to allow a direct assignment to the slaughtering database at a later point of time. The memory has a capacity of 4,000 results with a maximum of 2 x 4000 pH1, pH2 measurements.The measurements are made either online - whereby the data are transmitted during the measurement or printed - or offline, whereby the data are then sent to the PK21 or a printer. The data are transmitted via an RS 232 interface. This means that the data can be integrated into and processed by any software


With an exactness of up to two digits after the comma the pH-values measured are displayed on the graphic LCD-Display which is located above the function button on the control panel. The diagram to the right shows the numeric display.


Frame and handle of the pH*K21 are of lightweight aluminium. The telescopic sleeve protecting the electrode is steel. In particular in the harsh slaughter house environment the strong points of this robust housing are reflected: It is absolute waterproof, impact- and shock-proof. The metal pistol has a user-friendly ergonomic form, is comfortable to hold and can be used for longer periods of time, over the course of several shifts without tiring.

Alternative to the metaltop with the telescopic sleeve protect is a steeltop with blade available. This makes it easier to prick the in the meat
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