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Weighing neutrally and classifying - that was where everything started. More and more solutions in hardware and software for the complete slaughtering house and meat processing operation were added to the scope of services, so that the Kaufering based NWK is today in a position to supply complete solutions. With ultra-modern technology tuned to current and future requirements. The NWK-Technology GmbH is your partner for competence and efficiency.


On the way to cattle classification up to all-round service providers for hard- and software. Since 1988. Grown competence.
  • 1982: Establishment of the single company, classification
  • 1987: Beginning of the development of quality measuring equipment for the meat industry. Sale in 25 countries
  • 1988: Establishment of NWK-Thien GmbH: Classification of meat into trading categories and all associated services
  • 1989: Establishment of GbR A-tronic: Development of tailored software for the meat industry and other sectors
  • 1991: Slaughtering cattle classification in Bavaria by Fleischprüfring e.V. with classification technology provided by NWK
  • 1992: Development of the individual programming interface AF for tailored branch solutions in cattle and meat
  • 1993: Conversion of A-tronic GbR into NWK-Binär GmbH
  • 1997: Development of the DLT*21 Data Logger for refrigeration transports Development of the mobile classification device BK*21
  • 1999: Programming Win MQ and WIN Q
  • 2001: Change in Management: With effect of December 01, 2000, Joachim Brammer became the only Managing Director. As of July 01, 2001, he will receive professional support by Rembert Pieper, who with his vast experience and knowledge in the meat industry will be a very valuable asset to NWK.
  • 2005: Splitting the company in NWK-Binär GmbH and NWK-Technology GmbH
  • 2007: change of the company-location to Kaufering
  • 2011: change of the company-location to Puergen
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